BVSB has the capacity of producing 800 metric tons a month of compounded material. We are able to handle most of the commodity and engineering plastic except PVC.

Every production lot is monitored through our Colour Spectrometer to ensure its colour consistency and hot press machine is used in the quality control procedure to check on the material contamination and colour dispersion.

All material are blend in tumbler sizes that range from 50 kilograms to 700 kilograms. Each of our extruder line has its own on-line tumbler. This process minimizes contamination and improves cycle time.

We conduct quality control according to the Standard Operating procedure (S.O.P) in order to meet customer’s stringent requirements. To provide our valued customer a better service, we have invested in the equipments below to ensure that all products produced will have no compromise in qualit. And, all the testing equipment operating procedures are complied with ISO / ASTM standard.

Production Process Flow

Colorant Preparation   Material Mixing   Extrusion Process
  1. Weighing Pigment
  2. Super Mixing
  3. Unit Packing
  1. Weighing Material and Additive (if any)
  2. Super Mixing
  3. Unit Packing
  1. Material Feeding
  2. Melting
  3. Kneading
  4. Cooling
  5. Drying
  6. Pelletizing
  7. Sieving
  8. Silo Mixer Tank
  9. Packing

Quality Inspection Flow


Ensure correct material grade, lot no and quantity received
Check Certificate of Analysis (COA) – ensure comply to 5TD
Appearance Inspection On Packaging


Colour Conformity Inspection
Appearance inspection include check contamination, bubbles, silver streak, burn mark, dispersion, pellet size, packing sewing thread and weight
Density and Melt Flow Rate


Check Label and packaging condition
Ensure Certificate of Analysis (COA) issue is comply to STD and as per IPQC test conducted
Appearance Inspection on Color conformity and Contamination

Our Facilities

Our Integrated Management System

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